Just as the saying goes; “different strokes for different folks”, in applying for a United Arab Emirates visa, its “different criteria for different countries”. Countries like the United States do not need to apply for visas to the UAE, as far as they have regular passports. Countries like Austria, Belgium, Norway, Japan, Italy, Portugal,

Uber Nigeria Car Requirements 2019

If you’re looking out to being an uber partner, a driver or a businessman interested in having your car used by Uber, this post is for you. This is a post that will show you Uber Nigeria Car Requirements for 2019. Just sit tight and follow me. Uber Nigeria Car Requirements 2019 It is important that

How Uber Nigeria Really Works

On this post i am going to write about how you can Use Uber In Nigeria  but first, let us understand what uber really stands for! You’ll also get to learn how uber Nigeria works. What is Uber? Uber is a Nigerian company that specializes on giving the best travel experience to its customers. It is

Top 20 Road Construction Equipment

On a previous post, i promised to make a list of top 20 road construction equipment . This post is meant to fulfill that promise but then, i must say thanks to all my friends and their beautiful comments. I really appreciate your presence on this blog because it is one thing to write and another

Uses Of Palm Tree In Africa Today

I’m from Southern Nigeria. As a result of my long years of living in Nigeria, I’ve come to learn a lot about the Palm trees in Nigeria as well as the uses of a palm tree in Africa as it applies to me as a African. I started making use of palm trees when I

5 Steps To Keeping Your Septic Tank Healthy

As you know, I’ve written a few blogposts on cost estimates of septic tank which I guess provides a very good insight for my Nigerian readers. Today, I’m going to chip in something I know will be beneficial to everyone out there regardless of where you’re reading from. This is going to be about keeping

3 Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria

If you’re considering entrepreneurship as a young Nigerian graduate, I’ll like to make it clear that you’re thinking right because the labour market of Nigeria is over saturated. Even the employed ones are looking for employment. Lol. On this post, I’m going to on this post, give you 3 business ideas for young entrepreneurs in

Vacancy: Federal University Of Petroleum Technology Recruiting Teaching And Non Teaching Staffs

As the title clearly states, Federal University Of Petroleum Resources ,FUPRE is currently inviting Application from suitably qualified candidates to fill the following vacancies in the Federal University of Petroleum Resources.1) Director, Health Services (CONMESS 7: N6,350,017 ÷ 12)Qualifications/Experiencea)    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.BS) degree from a recognised University and have been

Top 22 Construction Equipments And Their Uses

Today on, i will talking about construction equipment. I will make sure you understand the basic uses of most of the construction equipment you are likely to meet on a construction site. But in order to do this, i think it’s important that we understand a few things about construction equipment. For a start, i

Sweet Deal: 3 Bedroom Detached Bungalow Just Before Winners Canaanland For Sale

Today on, we are going to display an advert for a newly built 3 bedroom detached bungalow with already laid foundation for two stores in the front. The building is located in a Serene environment, currently electrified, it also has borehole system for your water supply, dinning room, 3 bathrooms.Size:324SMQ. Location: Iyana Iyesi, Ota (5

Top 70 Construction Companies In Nigeria You Must Know

Today on GuardianConstructions i would be making a list of 70 Constructions in Nigeria. This is very important especially for researchers, students and other professionals as they look out for the names of construction companies in Nigeria. Please understand that the 70 companies listed here are not all there is as far as construction companies

What Is The Importance Of Road Graders

As a professional, i know one of the usefulness of a grader when it comes to civil engineering tasks especially in road construction but i know someone out there may want to know the usefulness of a grader or the proper definition of a grader and it is for such persons that i am making this

Tutorial: A Very Powerful Tool To Help You Calculate The Amount Of Materials Required For Your Construction

For clients and contractors, the most difficult part of the profession is the ability to tell the exact amount of materials required to accomplish a task or completely mount a building. This is a very important aspect of construction as over 65% of contractors today would over quote or under quote the amount of materials

Tutorial: How To Calculate The Number Of Bamboo Required For Construction Of Decking

For those building Duplex and other mansions requiring Decking or Slabs, one question you must provide a very accurate answer to is “How Can I Calculate Materials Required For Decking”, this is because in decking construction, Nails, Plank (1 x 12), Bamboo or bush wood (Usually Rubber) are required in large quantity and knowing how

Safety: What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Today on Building Contractor secrets, i would be talking about safety. i will be dealing on the importance of Personal Protection Equipment or PPE as it is called in some places. I will also cite examples of these protective equipment. You will understand examples of eye protective equipment, Head, foot, hand and body protective equipment.

A-Z About Project Management

Today On Building Contractor secrets, i would like to talk about Project management. On this post, you will be learning the basic terms as applicable to project management and in another post, i will be solving some problems in project management using either CPM. PERT to help you see where these terms can be applied.

Different Types Of Foundation

On this article, i have decided to describe the different types of foundation in construction. This will also help you as a home owner know the exact type of foundation currently on your building, it will also show you the different types of concrete foundation applicable to construction. What is a foundation? According to a

Benefits Of Molding Your Own Block

Hello once again… Today on Building contractor secrets blog, I would be talking on the various benefits you’ll enjoy if you’re patient enough to mold your own block for your building project. This is a very important topic for most contractors and builders out there because I know the strength of a building depends largely

Best Insurance For Your Home Construction

Building a new home requires attention to detail, but while you choose your cabinet knobs and counter tops, don’t forget to make sure your property is properly insured from foundation to rafters. If you’re having a home built for you, you may be assuming your builder has all the insurance coverage you need. Under some

Top 10 Construction Companies in USA

Looking for a good construction company in the United states of America? On this post, i am going to make it easy for you as an individual, Organization to be able to get to know about the 10 Globally Recognized Construction companies in the United States Of America. The truth is that there are miriads

What is Earth Work In Civil Engineering

For most construction sites, there is need for earth movement especially at the onstage of the establishing the site. This is most obtainable for Building construction sites, Road Construction sites, Etc. Now Lets understand the meaning of Earth Work What is Earth Work Earthwork is a process that involves the movement of a portion of

How to Calculate The Number Of Blocks Required For 2-Bedroom Apartment Using the Area Method

Here today, i would be teaching us how to Calculate or Estimate the Number of Blocks required for your 2-bedroom bungalow using the area method. The area Method is usually easy and less stressful compared to other methods For a quick calculation, having known the entire length to be 72,500mm As we calculated from The

How To Calculate The Quantity Of Sand And Number Of Trips Of Sand Needed For Your Building Project

  Today on, i am going to talk about how you can calculate the quantity of sand needed during the sand filling stage of your building project. After seeing and hearing how many clients are ripped off by their so-called engineers during this stage of their construction, i felt there is a need to

Quantities Needed For A Cubic Meter Of Concrete

Quantity of materials such as cement, sand, coarse aggregates and water required per cubic meter of concrete  and mortar varies with the mix design of the concrete and mortar respectively. Following table gives the estimated quantity of materials required per cubic meter of mortar and concrete for various nominal mixes. NOMINAL MIX WATER CEMENT RATIO

30 Steps To Making Your Home Cooler

For a tropical region, a cool interior with continuous flow of air is desirable because of high humidity and intense sun rays that emits a lot of head to the environment Generating cooler air through mechanical /electrical means can be expensive as well, but you can do a lot to reduce the heat in your

Steps In Buying A Plot Of Land In Nigeria

There are basic steps you ought to take when you’ve finally decided to buy a plot of land in Nigeria whether as a Nigerian or a foreigner. This post is created and directed to those willing to buy a plot of land in Lagos, but the steps below are also applicable in other parts of the country like portharcourt, warri, Abuja, Benin,