Top 5 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than N300,000

On this Blog, I’m going to make a list of businesses you can start with less than N300,000. I decided to write because I know this is the time where a great number of Nigerians are looking for how to invest the little they have in order to make more.

I’ll also like to make it known that non of the ideas listed here makes you rich automatically. It takes time yo make good money you know… Lol.

Now let’s list businesses you can start with less than N300,000.

1. Day Care Services

If you live in any of the big cities in Nigeria, you’ll agree with me that there are a lot of parents who actually look out for where to keep their kids while going to their respective offices.
Having a daycare business can help you make some money.
All you have to do is sit and watch the kids, bathe them when they want to be bathed, feed them (same food provided by their parents).
Just watch them, pick your cash weekly or biweekly or Monthly depending on the agreement between you and their mum.

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