How To Calculate Number Of Blocks To Fence One Plot Of Land

How to calculate blocks for fence

When we talk about Fencing projects, I know someone would want to wonder why fencing is very important to us. Well, fence is very important as it helps secure your plot of land from encroachment. Now I am going to write on how you could easily calculate the number of Blocks Required to Fence a Plot Of land with ease.

On this current post, I’ll be using a plot measuring 100ft by 50ft but then, it’s all the same procedure except you’ve never been a fervent reader here.
So how do we calculate the number of blocks required to fence one plot of land?
From this Post, You will get to know:
The number of bags of cement needed for this project,
Amount of sharp sand that will be required as well as theĀ 
Number of trips of granite you’ll need

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