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Uber Nigeria Car Requirements 2019

If you’re looking out to being an uber partner, a driver or a businessman interested in having your car used by Uber, this post is for you. This is a post that will show you Uber Nigeria Car Requirements for 2019. Just sit tight and follow me. Uber Nigeria Car Requirements 2019 It is important that

How Uber Nigeria Really Works

On this post i am going to write about how you can Use Uber In Nigeria  but first, let us understand what uber really stands for! You’ll also get to learn how uber Nigeria works. What is Uber? Uber is a Nigerian company that specializes on giving the best travel experience to its customers. It is

Uses Of Palm Tree In Africa Today

I’m from Southern Nigeria. As a result of my long years of living in Nigeria, I’ve come to learn a lot about the Palm trees in Nigeria as well as the uses of a palm tree in Africa as it applies to me as a African. I started making use of palm trees when I

3 Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria

If you’re considering entrepreneurship as a young Nigerian graduate, I’ll like to make it clear that you’re thinking right because the labour market of Nigeria is over saturated. Even the employed ones are looking for employment. Lol. On this post, I’m going to on this post, give you 3 business ideas for young entrepreneurs in